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BabylissPro Gold T-Blade 2.0mm Deep Tooth

BabylissPro Gold T-Blade 2.0mm Deep Tooth

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Replacement Blade for BaBylissPRO FX787 Models

Experience the power of Barberology. BaBylissPRO Gold T-Blade 2.0mm Deep Tooth FX707G2 is a replacement blade for BaBylissPRO Skeleton Outliner Hair Trimmers. Designed to fit all BaBylissPRO FX787 Outliner Trimmer models, this is the standard blade on the BaBylissPRO RedFX and WhiteFX Outliner Lithium Trimmers. 360° exposed, zero gap T-blade with DLC and titanium coating. Corrosion resistant and durable.


  • Standard blade on the BaBylissPRO RedFX & WhiteFX Outliner Lithium Trimmers
  • Replacement blade for all BaBylissPRO FX787 Outliner Trimmers
  • DLC and titanium coated taper blade
  • 360° exposed, zero gap T blade
  • 2.0mm deep tooth blade
  • Great for all hair textures, especially coarse hair. Wider gaps in the teeth allow for bulk removal of hair quickly.
  • DLC coating protects moving parts from abrasion, maintaining smooth movement much longer than uncoated parts
  • Nickel titanium is used to harden and protect cutting and sliding surfaces
  • Corrosion resistant and durable
  • Colour: Gold
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